New exercise stations in the works for H-E-B Park

MERCEDES — Long before the playscapes that entertain children today at H-E-B Park were constructed, there was only a wooden marry-go-round kids would spin on for fun.

And little by little the Civic Center, recently renamed H-E-B Park, has changed over the years.

Soon to be added are exercise stations to supplement the walking trail that was paved for residents to enjoy and use for keeping their weight down and health up.

Randall Baker, executive director at the Valley Baptist Legacy Foundation in Harlingen, recently awarded the city of Mercedes $150,000 to pay for the new exercise equipment that will cater to the handicapped as well.

The foundation is not affiliated with the Valley Baptist Health System.

“We keep Valley Baptist in our name to honor all the employees, medical staff and board members who build Valley Baptist to make it a premier health care center,” Baker said.

The foundation applauds their efforts for promoting healthy living to its citizens.

“Our goal is to promote health in the Rio Grande Valley,” Baker said. “It is my honor to hand out this check to the city of Mercedes.”

The city of Mercedes applied for a community grant from the foundation and asked for $150,000 for exercise equipment.

City Commissioner Armando Lopez said the exercise stations will benefit the disabled residents of Mercedes.

“To get more projects like these, the City Council has to be goal oriented and helping the city to become better,” he said.

He said it’s his goal to apply for more grants to pay for more positive projects and not burden the taxpayers.

“We have to provide these types of services for the city to move toward a healthier lifestyle as a whole,” Lopez said. “These are the types of projects we are doing to help the city’s citizens stay healthy.”