Police cracking down on driving drunk during Spring Break

HARLINGEN — The streets are going to be patrolled heavier by police during this Spring Break season.

“The city of Harlingen and the Harlingen Police Department have joined other cities in the Rio Grade Valley and across the state in efforts to keep our citizens and visitors safe,” Police Chief Jeffry Adickes said.

The Harlingen Police Department, in partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation, has been awarded funds through the Impaired Driving Mobilization Step Grant.

The grant allows for police to work overtime and concentrate on investigating driving intoxicated cases.

Harlingen Police will be focusing on conducting DWI saturation patrols in high risk locations during this Spring Break season.

The patrols will concentrate on times when alcohol-related crashes are most frequent.

The enforcement period begins today and runs through March 21.

According to police, last year there were about 100 alcohol-related crashes in Harlingen overall.

“HPD will be staffing additional officers during Spring Break, partnering with the Department of Public Safety and TxDOT with the STEP program to reduce speeding, encourage seat belt and children restraint safety, and impact impaired driving,” Adickes said.

During the Spring Break period, law enforcement will be initiating the operation to help keep streets safe from impaired drivers.

Holiday and Spring Break periods continue to be some of the most dangerous times for Texas motorists, and the community.

“Please help us keep you, your family, and friends safe during Spring Break 2017,” Adickes said.