Time to support Trump, America

America, the only nation in the world that gives free food, medical etc., to those that do not want to work, while millions in the world are going hungry.

It is the only nation that kills and gets rid of babies and animals for no reason except that they do not want them anymore.

America has forgotten the very God that gave us the freedom.

We have had presidents and governments that willingly worked to help get and maintain that freedom and to look out for the people.

They were people willing to work hard for a living and did not expect the government to feed them just because they do not feel like working.

Today, the biggest complainers and rioters are those that want everything free and they do not have to work for I like food, medical, schooling, etc. Many of them claim to be handicapped when they are not.

I have personally seen some that claim to be handicap and yet they have no problem getting around when they think people are not watching them.

We had a president that signed the necessary paperwork to give the enemy over $240,000,000 before he left office.

Thank God, we have a new president that has the mind to have that stopped.

But we have too many people that are upset because we did not get a president that would continue to benefit the enemy as well as to those that want everything free.

It is people like this that have never been in a war where they had to fight to have the freedom that we presently have in America.

Many of them never came back and so many that have come back are permanently wounded. They come back to the country they love only to be mistreated for the things they fought for.

They often cannot get a job due to their condition and people look upon them as if to say, “Ah, so what.”

We had a president that took million dollar vacations quite frequently. Money that came from the taxpayers!

The reason too many people do not care is because of the government giving them free money for doing nothing.

Like Tennessee Ernie Ford said in his song, “16 tons, another days work and deeper in debt.”

It was presidents like our past president that kept getting this country further and further in debt.

Continue, and the Americans would be slaves to those we are indebted too.

One person said, “That’s ok, it won’t happen in my lifetime.” Not even concerned about their children and what they will be responsible for.

Now we have a president that is trying to get manufacturing back into the USA so people can have a job.

But so many people do not want a job as long as they can get what they want free.

We have so many upset, because someone else did not become president.

If things kept on going the way they were, America will find out that nothing will be free. We would have a nation like many others that are starving.

I cringe every time I go to a buffet and see how people treat the food they take.

So many take a plate full of food and take a couple of bites of it and then the rest of it goes into the dumpster. But it does not stop there, they go for more to do the same thing, throw it away.

These people need to be without for a while and I guarantee they will clean up their plates.

Thank God, we now have a president that wants to keep America free, working and give us a chance to worship God as we desire.

God has been tolerant with America for a long while now, but one day soon he will not be.

We need to change our minds and attitudes or we will find ourselves in conditions like some of these other countries.

Stop complaining about our country and our president.

Start standing behind him and you will see what a difference it will make in America.

If you do not love America, get out of it. Try some of these other countries and you will wish you were back in America.

Richard Suray Harlingen