City cracks down on truckers’ unauthorized road use

BROWNSVILLE — With the city of Brownsville fighting a constant battle regarding road repairs, the Brownsville Police Department is getting tougher on commercial truckers using unauthorized roads to navigate around town.

Brownsville police say they’re trying to conserve taxpayer money. With road repairs costing about $1 million per mile of road, police are cracking down and enforcing a city ordinance that prohibits the use of residential roads by heavy tractor trailers.

“The weight on these vehicles obviously is a lot higher, and the street in itself takes a toll,” police spokesman J.J. Trevino said. “But most importantly, it’s a city ordinance that these drivers must follow.”

Brownsville truck routes include most downtown streets, Palm Boulevard, Mexico Boulevard, International Boulevard, Boca Chica Boulevard, Central Boulevard, Elizabeth Street, and Paredes Line and Southmost Roads.

Officials say that while some of the designated truck routes can be confusing, there are apps that can guide drivers to the correct routes.

Authorities encourage truckers to utilize FM 511 to avoid city traffic and roads, connecting them to Toll Highway 550 and getting them directly to the Port of Brownsville.

Authorities say that these ordinances need to be strictly enforced, as the money needed to fix the damaged roadways comes from the city’s general fund.

According to the Department of Public Works, they respond to between 150,000 to 375,000 pothole requests per year.

Any truck drivers caught on non-designated routes will be fined $200, authorities said.