HARLINGEN — Jamal Anderson has looked up to his mother since he was a young boy.

The 16-year-old has seen how dedicated to the Harlingen Police Department she has been all these years.

Working long hours and moving and to move up in the ranks, Jamal’s mother — newly promoted Deputy Police Chief Myriam Anderson — has always been there for him.

“Seeing her work so hard showed me what I can do for myself,” Jamal said this past week during his mother’s promotion ceremony. “She has always been there to help me even though she was very busy.”

Jamal has learned a lot watching his mother, an Army veteran and the first woman to be promoted to Deputy Chief in the history of the Harlingen Police Department.

“She taught me responsibility, how to treat people and finish things,” Jamal said.

Along with Anderson, the department promoted two others, Sergeant Larry Moore and Commander Alfredo Alvear.

All three hold major leadership positions.

Chief Jeffry Adickes noted that Anderson’s position is part of the department’s executive staff.

It is a big leadership and cultural change, he said.

A deputy chief is required to know all aspects of the police department — everything from budget to forensics to vice.

After Jamal pinned his mother’s new badge on her uniform, she said a few words to the people who were there to watch all three advance.

“You made this happen. Thank you for making the person that I am today,” Anderson said.

The three new leaders have more than 50 years of police and law enforcement experience between them.

Alvear, a Marine Corps veteran, has been employed as a Harlingen police officer since April 1995. During that time, Adickes said he acquired a wide range of training, experience and knowledge.

“He is the perfect person for this role,” Adickes said.

Moore, a second generation HPD officer, started his career in law enforcement with the San Benito Police Department in 1997.

He was hired by the Harlingen Police Department in October of 2000.

Moore has worked as a patrol officer in uniformed services, a detective assigned to investigative services and a motor officer in the traffic unit.

“It takes a unique and special individual to take on this role,” Adickes said.

“Moore is a true leader in the department and a very good person.”

Sergeant are required to work with the men and women on the front lines while also being what Adickes says is a “little bit of everything.”

“You have to be a coach, big brother, big sister and a friend because you see them make those tough calls and it impacts them,” Adickes said.

“They are the ones that make the work on the front lines happen.”

Myriam Anderson

Training/ Qualifications

– Anderson has acquired a wide range of skills, training, experience and knowledge to include;

– Patrol Officer

– Detective assigned Crimes Against Persons

– Support Services Sergeant / Commander

– Criminal Investigations Commander

– Uniformed Patrol

– Women’s Leadership Institute

– Negotiations

– Interview & Interrogation

– Homicide and numerous others.

– Anderson served in the United States Army / stationed in Korea 2nd Infantry Division and Fort Bragg North Carolina.

Larry Moore

Training/ Qualifications

– Currently works in Crime Fusion Center, where his duties included creating slides for the COMPSTAT briefings, as well as building maps using ARC-GIS.

– Borderstar Liaison to the JOIC in Edinburg, responsible for updating information for the police data initiative.

– Moore also serves as a Public Information Officer.

– Certified latent print examiner

– Certified AFIS system operator.

– Field Training Officer, ESRI / ARC-GIS operator,

– TCOLE Instructor

– Firearms Instructor

– Patrol Rifle Instructor

Alfredo Alvear

Training/ Qualifications

– Patrol officer

– Field training officer

– School resource officer

– Criminal investigator assigned to crimes against persons

– Personnel officer

– Patrol sergeant training sergeant / coordinator

– Fleet sergeant

– Explorer advisor

– CPA Liaison.

– Alvear holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Police Administration.

– Sgt. Alvear served in the US Marines Corps Reserves from 1989-1995.