LNG, pipelines not good for RGV

I am sure most people know about the proposed two parallel natural gas pipelines that would get the gas to the port.

In light of last summer’s pipeline leak explosion at King Ranch, I believe that alerting the public to a proposed gas pipeline is absolutely necessary.

The proposed pipelines would begin near Kingsville, in Jim Wells County, pass through King Ranch, and follow Hwy 77.

Before Hidalgo County, it would head toward the coast, dip south, curve around Los Fresnos, and head west of Brownsville to the port.

The July 18, King Ranch pipeline explosion could happen here, near populated areas or along our highways.

According to the community group, Save RGV from LNG, in the unfortunate event of a leak or rupture, there would be a “700 foot hazard area that could be acutely impacted.”

Landowners will also face eminent domain if they do not sign the company agreement and will have no choice about whether the pipelines slice through their land.

In addition to the negative effects from the actual Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) export terminals proposed for Brownsville that will receive the natural gas, we will also have safety and quality of life threats from the pipelines.

When all’s said and done, LNG and the pipe-lines it will bring are simply not good for the RGV.


Mary Hollmann