The Santa Rosa Warriors boys basketball team roster is loaded with talent this season, including senior guard Leo Lara.

But there are two players on the squad to keep in mind for next season.

Junior’s AB Lozoya and Jonah Agado have been key contributors to the team this season and each one brings his own spread of talents.

With his speed and agility, Lozoya poses a threat on both sides of the ball to those who get in his way.

As for Agado, the left-handed three-point shooter can drill from anywhere on the court and when he’s in rhythm, he can be downright deadly.

Together the duo will return for the Warriors in 2017 to leave their final mark on the Warrior basketball program. But, for now, the two will try to help their team capture a state title.

Q: How’s your experience been as a Warrior?

Lozoya: It’s been awesome. I’ve had a great time playing for Coach Cipriano and with the seniors, especially.”

Agado: It’s been a great learning experience, especially with the transition from junior varsity to varsity. Picking up the speed of the game has helped me out in my growth as a player.

Q: What’s been a memorable game or moment in your time as a Warrior?

Lozoya: I’ll never forget the Aransas Pass game last year because it was heartbreaking to lose by one point before the state tournament.

Agado: “I would definitely have to say the Aransas Pass game because it was probably the most intense game I’ve played in. When AB got fouled out, I was sent in and it was really my first taste of being a varsity player.

Q: How does it feel to be in the state tournament?

Lozoya: It’s big because last year after the loss to Aransas Pass that’s all we’ve been talking about is making it to state. Now that we’re there, hopefully we can win it.

Agado: It feels good to know that all the hard work we put in as a team is finally paying off.

Q: What’s it been like playing for Coach Juan Cipriano?

Lozoya: He’s a great coach in that he’s taught us a lot and picks us up whenever we need it.

Agado: He’s a great example, not only as a coach but also a man. Playing under him has been awesome because he takes care of us on and off the court.

Q: Whose an idol of yours in the NBA & why?

Lozoya: Chris Paul (of the LA Clippers) because he’s not one of the flashiest point guards in the NBA and always looks to pass first, which I admire.

Agado: LeBron James because I’ve watched him ever since I was young and have been a fan ever since.

Q: What goes into your game day routine?

Lozoya: I usually hang out with Matt Garcia and Leo Lara before game day and we go out to eat at Whataburger. We order the same thing every time with my favorite being the buffalo chicken ranch burger.

Agado: I always try to keep a positive attitude and make sure to have fun because that’s when I perform best.

Q: What’s the strongest part of your game?

Lozoya: I would say defense because that’s where I make the most of my opportunities.

Agado: I feel it’s important for me to remain confident in my shot because that’s really how I contribute to the team. I try my best to not think so much about my shot and let it flow naturally.

Q: What do you have to say about Jonah’s game?

Lozoya: He’s helped us out a lot. I know last year people didn’t think we were going to be a shooting team but Jonah has picked up his game tremendously.”

Q: What do you have to say about AB’s game?

Agado: A lot of our steals come from AB and he sets the tempo for us defensively. Also, he’s really good at finding holes offensively and passing the ball. He brings a lot to the table and contributes in various aspects of the game.

Q: With it being your senior season next year, how are you going to treat the offseason?

Lozoya: I’m going to train as much as I can in the summer by lifting weights, conditioning and running the bleachers.

Agado: I feel like last offseason I didn’t prepare as much as I should’ve and losing the seniors, I feel like the juniors are going to have to step up for next season.

Q: What do you have to say about the Santa Rosa fans?

Lozoya: They’re awesome. I never expected to play with such a great fan base.

Agado: They’re a core part of what we do. With all the die-hard fans we have, they definitely give us that motivation to do perform well.