The 78th annual Rio Grande Valley Livestock show is back. It’s the show nobody wants to miss and have worked all year for preparing their animals.

Hundreds of students from across the state and the Rio Grande Valley are here showing off their farm animals for a chance to win champion belt buckles and scholarships during the week long event.

Today students are exhibiting their Santa Gretudis, beefmasters and charolais heifers at the livestock show.

Mission Juarez Lincoln High student Julie Arevalo, 16, showed her heifers and bulls.

“It was fun and challenging,” Arevalo said. “I got reserve grand championship and got third in showmanship.”

Arevalo won a belt buckle for showing her bull and she is the Rio Grande Valley Santa Gretudis Breed Association Queen.

The annual family affair draws thousands of spectators and people who come to livestock show to enjoy the carnival rides and a chance to win games prizes for people young and old to enjoy.