District partners with UTRGV to offer masters program

HARLINGEN — Harlingen teachers who want to move up to the administrative level may soon have their chance.

But first, they will have to complete a master’s degree in administrative leadership and pass the clinical and exit exam.

And to do that, the district has partnered with UTRGV to offer a master’s degree program that takes two years to complete.

Interested teachers met with representatives from UTRGV and the district to learn more about the program and price points for the degree.

“We have a great partnership with UTRGV and there is so much potential with a program like this,” said Veronica Kortan, HCISD administrator of organizational development. “We have been working with UTRGV on this since last summer and we have several teachers who want to pursue a masters in administrative leadership.”

She said there is significant value in learning administrative leadership.

The program would be based in Harlingen.

She said there is value added to have teachers working on their master’s degree.

The teachers will be working with district related topics and learning about the theory components as they continue their role as a teacher.

Kortan said their experience is going to be very different type of experience because they are going to be working with our administrators.

She said the teachers are going to learn proven practices and come back and apply their knowledge to the learning environment.

The district is planning to assemble a cohort of 20 to 25 teachers every two years.

She said the superintendent is a huge supporter of the program.

“We want to inspire people to come along on the journey,” Kortan said. “We are going to inspire our teachers to get to another level.”