A special thanks

This letter is for the several wonderful gentleman who were kind enough to stop and render aid to our sister in her time of need. She was hit by a hit-and-run driver on Saturday, Feb. 18 at the intersection of Loop 499 and Harrison, at approximately 10:30 a.m.

She was sitting at the red light and was hit from behind.

These gentlemen came up to our sister and prayed with her while two other gentlemen followed the vehicle that hit her and left the scene.

We have been blessed that our sister survived the accident and so blessed that these gentlemen were there and rendered aid.

We cannot thank them enough for their prayers and kindness.

May God bless you kind gentlemen.

The Bearden Family Harlingen

Wise words to live by

I couldn’t have said it better. Thank you, Mr. Richard Suray, for your wise and sensible words.

As a person growing up in the WWII era, I experienced a united country which stood together, respected our flag and Constitution and worked to keep our country

strong. I do not feel entitled; I feel blessed to live in this nation. God has been patient thus far, but for how much longer?

We have been given much, so much is expected of us.

Let’s pray for our elected leaders and support each other not only for our own sakes but for the generations to come.

Diana Walker Harlingen

Missing piece

Thanks you for your well done article in today’s paper (Monday, March 6), “All the world’s une scene.”

One important point was missed.

The drama presentation also included about 15 minutes of a play in French with English subtitles.

By including the French language, the attendance was nearly doubled over last year’s presentation.

Nancy Steele Harlingen