Perfect attendance may lead to scholarship

SAN BENITO — High school students, pay attention.

If you have perfect attendance it could help you fund your college.

Historically, the school district has given high school students with perfect attendance an award.

Now, officials would like those excelling students to receive scholarships instead.

On Tuesday, Superintendent Dr. Adrian Vega presented his proposal to the district’s finance committee.

The scholarship would be used as an incentive for students while promoting higher education, Vega said.

The high school wanted the scholarship as part of its campus improvement plan.

The money, which Vega did not disclose an amount, would come from the high school’s allotment fund.

Vega recommended the award as an official scholarship, meaning students would be awarded, but the school would not give them a check directly.

Students would be required, once they found the school of their choice, to contact the district and the money would be given directly to the college.

School board member Joe G. Gonzalez had only one thing to say about the scholarship and previous rewards.

How many of the students in the past received the award and actually attended college, Gonzalez asked.

In an effort to make sure the award is being put to use, he encouraged Vega to check back about five years as to who received the award and if they attended college or another school.