10th annual downtown car show ready to rumble on Jackson St.

HARLINGEN — This year makes it a decade.

The 10th Annual Jackson Street Car Show is a month away, and yesterday the Downtown Improvement District Board did its part for the show by voting to allocate $1,500 to fund it.

Last year was the show’s biggest success, with more than 200 classic cars, trucks and hot rods registered and on display in the historic Harlingen downtown area.

The event is organized by the Rio Grande Valley Chapter of the Antique Automobile Club of America, which will receive the downtown district funding to help put on this year’s show.

“The main thing for this year is to understand this is our 10th year,” said Moses Mendoza, president of the Valley antique auto club chapter. “Ten years! Who would have thought when we first started that 10 years later we’re still going strong and getting stronger.”

Mendoza is the driving force behind the car show as the organizer, and he thinks this year will produce even more classic rides lining the street.

“I foresee a huge turnout,” Mendoza added. “For this year 16 categories are what we’re pushing, and each category has three awards.

“Right off the bat, that’s 48 plaques plus one more, the Carl Johnson Best of Show,” he said. “The one we think is the baddest, most beautiful, most unique, you name it, is selected as best of show.”

Downtown Manager Edward Meza said yesterday the RGV chapter of the auto club always has had Jackson Street at the top of its list of venues.

“They said we want Jackson Street because of the history, the long boulevard, and it was the right fit and that’s why they continue to do it,” he added.

“It’s a boulevard and you can park your cars there and there is the history of Harlingen,” Meza said, “It was the crossroads of the highways and what have you — it really relates to the history of the city.”