Los Fresnos to build new sidewalk for walkers, cyclists

LOS FRESNOS —Walking to the local Stripes store to get a Red Box movie or video game is getting safer by the day for kids.

A sidewalk and street improvement grant through the Texas Department of Transportation of almost $400,000 will pay for nearly 2 miles of new sidewalk on North Arroyo Boulevard past Highway 100 to Alvarez Court.

“Until now, there had never been a place for residents to walk,” said Mark Milum, Los Fresnos city manager.

Milum said the sidewalk will provide a safe passage for residents away from the busy street and reduce the chances of motor vehicle collisions with pedestrians.

The city manager did not report any car crashes or auto-pedestrian accidents in the area where the new sidewalk will be built.

“The sidewalk will improve the ability for people to get around,” Milum said.

The project is expected to be finished sometime in April or May, weather permitting.

The new sidewalks will also make it safer for children who walk to and from school.

Milum said since there had never been any sidewalks in that area, the city requested funds for the project to make the area safe for walkers.

He said there have been walkers in the area but now he expects more people to be out walking and riding bikes in a clear and safe area away from the traffic.

“It’s going to be good, and safer for our community to walk and get around,” Milum said.