So, Trump can read

Last week’s speech by Donald Trump only proved that he can actually read from a teleprompter.

Ruben Navarrette summed it up well. “Of course, a speech is just a speech. Trump’s policies and priorities are more important.

And there, all is not well.”

Some claim that Trump hit a home run. I am thinking that he hit a pop fly that was quickly caught by the outfield for a “big league” out.

His actions speak volumes more than his hollow words.

Lou Laslo Harlingen

Position deserves more than $8 per hour

VIA should be embarrassed to offer $8 an hour for a custodian.

That amount is barely over minimum wage-for an important job.

Who do you expect to hire, a high school student living at home? You can make more than that at a fast food restaurant.

Get serious and join the 21st century and offer at least $12.

Larry Crow Palm Valley