Right on

In his 3/11/2016, “A healthy government” letter, Erol A. Stone hit the nail right on the head as to how the billionaire elites that own and control the world and the media would react to a Trump presidency.

Eight months before the presidential election, Mr. Stone stated, “Along comes Donald Trump, talking about making America great again, making America strong, independent, and powerful, … But what really makes Trump dangerous to them (the Bilderberg, the Tri-lateral Commission, and the CFR) is that he, Trump doesn’t need their money.

I rather doubt the danger Trump presents to them is one that (they) will be willing to tolerate. …” In his “Time to support Trump, America” letter, Richard Suray is also on the right track.

Think about it.

America is $20 trillion in debt and taxpayers have been saddled with over $200 billion a year in interest payments on that mountain of debt.

From what I’ve been able to gather, the Federal Reserve, holds a significant amount of the $20 trillion U.S. debt.

These people can almost be considered to be like Mafioso loan sharks.

The greater the debt, the more billions of dollars in their pockets, year after year after year.

The huge amounts of government waste, Medicare and Medicaid

fraud, welfare handouts, to both the rich and the poor, billions in foreign aid to almost every nation on earth, plays right into their schemes.

Besides the $20 trillion, the U.S. has over $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities. See US debt clock.org real time.

The following is from a World Bank Whistleblower Reveals How the Global Elite Rules the World article, originally published on 9/30/2013: “The goal is control. They want us all enslaved to debt, they want all our governments enslaved to debt, and they want all of our politicians addicted to the huge financial contributions that they funnel into their campaigns.

Since the elite also own all of the big media companies, the mainstream media never lets us in on the secret that there is something fundamentally wrong with the way our system works. (see the 6/1/2016 Forbes article, “These 15 Billionaires own America’s News Companies”).

Fomer U.S. Export Import Bank and World Bank Legal Department employee, Karen Hudes.”

As Mr. Stone closed his letter, “It is indeed a rigged game, folks.”

200 years ago John Adams, our second president, also correctly warned us when he said: “Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people.”

And, “There are two ways (now three) to conquer and enslave a country. One is by the sword. The other is by debt. (The third is by uncontrolled legal and illegal immigration).”

N. Rodriguez Harlingen