All about borders

In a recent Bill Reagan piece, Mr. Reagan led VMS readers to believe that there are open borders throughout Europe.

That was the case until the influx of migrants and “refugees” became chaotic and uncontrollable.

Unfettered migration into the UK is the main reason Brits voted to leave the European Union.

No borders equal no sovereign nation.

Some headlines to prove my point: 3/2/17 Reuters – Hungary builds new high-tech border fence with few migrants in sight.

1/26/17 National Review – Hungary and the crisis if Europe: “Unelected (and elected) elites are bent on transforming Europe, against the clear will of the people”.

Same as the ruling class elite billionaires and their media are doing in the US.

*2/8/16 The Daily Mail – Europe builds another wall: Macedonia erects second barrier of razor wire to stem humanitarian tide from Greece.

*5/16/2015 Gizmoto – 5 European countries have built border fences to keep out refugees.

*4/5/16 NY Times – Bulgaria puts up a new wall, but this one keeps people out.

*2/13/17 Breitbart – 70% approve of Shinzo Abe’s Trump visit in Japan: I would say that before accepting immigrants or refugees, we need to have more activities by women; elderly people and we must raise the birth rate. There are many things that we should do before accepting immigrants”.

Japanese P.M. Shinzo Abe In 2015 Japan accepted 27 refugees. In 2016, 28.

Sounds like common sense to me. Common sense is something DEMONcRATS, RINOs, and the corrupt, liberal billionaire owned mainstream media have no use for.

These people’s goal is UN imposed and enforced worldwide communism.

“Lazy Loafers” in the America won’t like that. They’ll be forced to work to survive.

In closing, a few questions for Bill Reagan.

Why does Loaves and Fishes have rules and regulations for its staff and individuals that stay in the facility?

Without rules, regulations, and law and order, there will be uncontrolled lawlessness and violence.

Do you lock your doors and close your windows for safety and security?

Shouldn’t we also do everything possible to secure our borders?

N. Rodriguez Harlingen