Answers to questions they ask No. 2

BY Jim N. Taylor

* Why do many conservatives favor pro-life abortion policy and persistently attack the welfare state?

Many conservatives think it is immoral to kill a child, whether born or unborn; Christians believe that there is sanctity in human life.

This belief is backed by our laws made to protect the living innocent, and thus they think killing the innocent must therefore be considered immoral and possibly sometimes illegal.

Attacks against the welfare state by conservatives are also based on the immorality of taking the earnings of productive people against their will (stealing) and giving it to those who have not earned it.

Conservatives would not eliminate all welfare, but believe that welfare must be a short-term measure for those temporarily in dire straits who demonstrate willingness to become independent.

Conservatives also would prefer to eliminate the possibility of long term dependency on welfare by those able to work; and that it is shamefully immoral to depend upon others needlessly.

*If conservatives believe in the marketplace of ideas, why do they not want everyone to vote?

Some conservatives resent votes from certain individuals, even though they realize they are powerless to eliminate them: Should those getting government assistance vote? Should those who committed felonies vote?

Should you be allowed to vote if you don’t know who the current Vice President is or who the candidates are?

Or if you vote just for the tallest or best looking candidate? These are valid questions for some conservatives, and for many others.

*Why are conservatives against investigating Russian ties with Donald Trump?

There is a mistrust of our intelligence community since they fouled up the WMD investigation in Iraq, but conservatives are not against investigation of Russian involvement if truthful information is thereby acquired.

At present, it appears that the entire proposition of a connection between Trump’s campaign and the Russians is a fabrication by the Democrats for the purpose of discrediting Trump’s Presidency, thus to prevent his governance, if possible.

*Why do some conservatives deny climate change when their future is equally at stake?

Many conservatives are dubious of the evidence that it is even occurring, but is driven by government grants as opposed to real science; and the plans to fix the alleged problem are either ineffective, too expensive or unworkable.

What could be done to satisfy our needs is an increased 35 cents per gallon tax on gasoline and that equivalent on all hydrocarbon fuels which would pay for an overhaul of our transportation infrastructure, make subsidies of ethanol production unnecessary, and promote clean alternative energy production. There is no other practical way to pay for needed infrastructure and maintenance. Income tax increases are out of the question.

*What is the conservative view of Trump’s present infrastructure plan?

Conservatives do not believe in spending to stimulate the economy (we think that is a Keynesian economic falsehood proven many times by Democrats).

Infrastructure must be put and kept in order, but paid for with a tax on fuel, not through income taxes. A fuel tax makes everyone pay their fair share and makes it possible to protect the poor through subsidies or tax credits.

Trump’s plan may pass because of Democrats’ loving spending so much, even if no added gasoline tax is passed.

*Trumps ban on certain (Mid-East) refugees?

The obvious ban on as much Islamic (Muslim) immigration as possible that was promised during Trump’s campaign was temporarily denied by the courts, even though current laws clearly give the President the power to regulate immigration for national security reasons.

The ban was replaced by a new ban which also may be denied by courts.

If 10 percent of a bowl of M& Ms are poison, you don’t eat a handful; and if unvetted Muslim immigrants get in, you will get some extremists among them.

It makes sense to limit the source of Muslim extremism; and we are not required by our Constitution to treat citizens of other countries Constitutionally outside of this country.

We have had immigration bans and quotas historically. Discrimination is called for when it is intelligent and effective. It is prudent for of an American President to decide who is an unsafe risk, and not for aliens to decide. Courts have not struck down laws giving the President his powers.

*Are possible conflicts of business interests a problem for Trump?

It is an unavoidable problem.

It would be unfair to require Trump to sell all his businesses, because his name on a business is important. If his children operate the businesses and no conflicts of interest become apparent, he will keep the business.

Jim N. Taylor is a local resident who regularly writes to the Valley Morning Star.