Car outlet mall? Ogden used car dealership opening in Mercedes

MERCEDES — For some shoppers, their day is all about the outlet mall and buying clothes and shoes.

But some people may need to make a bigger purchase.

That’s where the new Bert Ogden Mercedes Auto Outlet Mall comes into the picture.

“It’s going to be a place to come looking for a super deal for a car,” said Robert Vackar, Bert Ogden Auto Group CEO.

He said it’s going to be a great opportunity for everybody.

“It’s a great retail spot,” Vackar said. “So we are going to make it a centralized pre-owned facility.”

The CEO said because they trade for so many different cars at their dealerships across the Valley, they will be able to move the used cars to Mercedes and focus on selling them at one spot.

“I’m really looking forward to opening the dealership,” Vackar said.

Bert Ogden Auto Group plans to open the Mercedes Auto Outlet Mall within the next 90 days.

“We’re getting so big everywhere, we needed to start doing something,” Vackar said.

Vackar said he had been holding on to the property over the years since buying it from Ford Van Burkleo during the recession in 2009.

And now that his pre-owned cars are outgrowing the new car dealership locations, he said it was time he put the household slogan “Dale Gas,” to work in Mercedes.

“Now we’re at the point where we want to do something,” Vackar said.

Instead of sending cars to auction in Dallas and San Antonio, the Bert Ogden Auto Group has plans to place their pre-owned cars for sale in Mercedes.

And the sales team is preparing to sell more than 100 cars in the first week of its grand opening.

“We’re going to get rolling quickly,” said Troy Flores, Mercedes Bert Ogden dealership general manager. “We have access to all the banks and we are going to be able to go with zero down.”

Although the location of the dealership is empty now, the Bert Ogden Group plans to remodel the store from the ground up with a showroom and enough space for the sales staff and customers.

Flores said the location is going to be beautiful and stocked with a car inventory from BMW to Chevrolet and across the board of all makes and models.

“We are going to service everybody that is looking for a car,” Flores said.

Flores said he expects to have a sales staff of 10 helping car buyers get the car they want.

“We’re super excited that they are coming in,” said Henry Hinojosa, Mercedes mayor. “I’m glad Bert Ogden believes in Mercedes.”