No Valley stores are on RadioShack closings list

HARLINGEN — RadioShack’s second bankruptcy in two years will lead to the closing of 552 stores.

There are 42 Texas locations on the list, but none of those stores are in the Rio Grande Valley.

In Harlingen, RadioShack operates stores at 2000 South Expressway 83 and 601 South Expressway 83 along with a kiosk location. It also has a store in San Benito at 1145 Ross Road.

RadioShack is owned by General Wireless Operations Inc. in a partnership with Sprint. After the first bankruptcy just over two years ago, the electronics retailer and Sprint began co-branding stores.

RadioShack found itself behind a major technology curve when the explosion of the mobile phone industry caught it flat-footed.

To bridge that gap, the retailer partnered with Sprint two years ago and placed small phone stores inside RadioShack electronics stores.

RadioShack executives conceded when announcing the company’s filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy earlier this month the strategy did not work.

Following the latest wave of store closings, RadioShack will have about 800 stores still operating in the United States.