SAN BENITO — The city is taking a big step toward the proposed $3 million renovation of the city’s old water plant.

Tomorrow, city commissioners are expected to consider a contract for work including the installation of the plant’s pumps.

“They’re the main pumps that run the system,” Commissioner Joe D. Gonzalez said today.

Commissioners plan to review bids for equipment purchases.

Commissioners also are expected to discuss whether city crews will install the pumps or if the city will hire a subcontractor.

“That’s a big discussion,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez said city contracted engineer Victor Gutierrez is recommending a subcontractor for the job.

Meanwhile, City Manager Manuel De La Rosa is weighing the options.

“He’s looking for guidance,” Gonzalez said.

The city is entering the project’s second phase, which includes a design plan, new technological and electrical components including a supervisory control and data acquisition system, an automation control system and chemical treatment containers, city spokeswoman Martha McClain has said.

As part of the project’s first phase, commissioners approved the purchase of a $165,000 triplex backwash pump system.

In 2014, the city turned to the old water plant as its primary water source after shutting down its $17.9 million water plant because it wasn’t efficiently working.

In turn, the city filed a lawsuit against companies behind the construction of the water plant built in 2009.