Moving Forward: District addressing facility, tech needs

SAN BENITO — In all areas of the strategic plan, the school district continues to make progress.

To highlight that positive movement, school board members heard an update on the facilities portion of the Re-Imagine 2021 five-year Strategic Plan Tuesday evening.

It’s all part of Superintendent Dr. Adrian Vega’s plan to get the district on the straight track to success.

According to the long- range plan, facilities tackle buildings and operations.

Every month, the district’s leadership team will provide updates on the different aspects of the plan at each regular meeting.

Those topics include curriculum and instruction, finance, facilities, pre-kindergarten through graduate school, communications and public relations.

This is the second time an update has been presented on the facilities.

The plan was approved earlier this past Summer.

Major priorities

The district’s plan was to utilize the efficiency audit, prioritize reported items and enlist the maintenance and energy departments to target and complete tasks addressed.

The goal is to recognize the issues and fix the problems.

As of today, the committee has met to discuss the school roofs in need of repair and analyze the costs for heating and cooling systems.

A summer work schedule has been developed for the general maintenance of the schools based on need. That includes the waxing of floors, painting of rooms, pressure washing, and ground maintenance.

Inspections of all playgrounds are being conducted on a monthly basis and evaluated for possible replacement.

The next steps will be to purchase new A/C equipment, fix the roof at Dr. Garza Elementary and consider a proposal for pest control.

Technology quality

The district will expand the quality of technology infrastructure to accommodate emerging technologies that support academic innovation and technology integration into teaching and learning to prepare students for the 21st century.

In response, the committee has determined four elementary campuses need to wireless access points, 20 sites need network drops, all campuses need to have the uninterruptible power supplies batteries replaced and nine campuses need the core switch upgraded.

The next steps will be to obtain quotes for required hardware and software, develop a three year plan to purchase hardware and software and evaluate funding sources.

Prevention and Functionality

The district will combine the efforts of the maintenance and energy departments to develop and implement a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan.

The goal is to establish a comprehensive maintenance program to correct deficiencies.

As of today, sexual harassment, first aid and CPR training has been completed for all maintenance and A/C personnel.

Inspections will continue on a quarterly basis to help prevent any major repairs and crews will maintain monthly playground inspections.

School fencing will be assessed for repairs, placement of surveillance cameras will be assessed to determine how many are needed, removal of brushy areas and foliage around school are ongoing and committees will continue assessments on parking lot repairs.

The next steps will be to continue monitoring current projects.