SPI partying continues: Students enjoying last week of spring vacation

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — Taylor Bunches is only three days away from having to go back to Kansas after an experience of a lifetime.

“I had never been to Texas or seen an ocean so all of this is new and exciting,” Bunches said. “It’s completely different.”

Bunches was obviously not in Kansas anymore as she spent a week at the Surf Motel partying and getting along with people from all over the country.

“It was crazy. There were so many people and it was my first time on the beach,” Bunches said.

The 17-year-old high school senior traveled to the Island with her college friends to enjoy a week off from school and enjoy the fun under the sun.

“In Kansas it’s 40 degrees one day and 70 degrees another day,” Bunches said. “It’s nice having a constant 80 degree weather every day.”

Bunches and her friends were relaxing yesterday afternoon on the beach catching the cool breeze and rays after what seemed like an endless party.

“We met a lot of people and became friends with our hotel neighbors,” Bunches said. “I think it’s pretty safe for the most part.”

She and her friends will be leaving Saturday to return to school Monday.

For the most part, the serious spring break time is over. It’s starting to slow down.

Texas week is always the busiest.

One resident said the Spring Breakers don’t bother him.

“Let them have fun and do what they want to do,” the resident said. “I think Spring Break is a lot of fun.”

But there can be issues.

“There is always a lot of problems when you get a lot of people and alcohol combined,” he said. “You can get that anywhere.”

The resident who wished to not be named has lived on the Island for 28 years.

He said it’s the millionaires on the Island who don’t like Spring Break.

“The rich folks don’t like the Spring Breakers,” he said. “But it brings a lot of money to the Island.

“It wasn’t bad and the cops were busy all day and every night,” the resident said.

The city officials are still compiling a list of arrests, emergency responses and other incidents on the Island.

City leaders plan to meet next month to discuss the numbers and what happened during spring break.

But, the party is not over yet.

The Wichita State students who came in a group of about 90 said the booze cruise and the pool party were the funniest things they’ve done all week.

“The pool was packed,” said Marshall Glenn Wichita State spring breaker. “They had five kegs and it was wild to say the least.”

He said his group hadn’t suffered from any accidents and they are always walking with at least groups of two to keep safe.

“Last Saturday night was wild, we saw some street brawls break out,” Glenn said. “It’s been a lot more tame this week.

“We have been having a great time and so far it’s been great,” Glenn said. “It’s definitely an experience you can’t get anywhere else.”