There are perils of texting and driving

The evil or graft that Mr. Perez refers to in his letter about the City of San Benito is something that concerns the citizens of San Benito.

However, I would take exception to his comparing the punishment for texting to the punishment of any of the cases that he mentioned.

Stupidity, most often causes the individual problems and sometimes even death, but if knowing that something results in a fine that he cannot afford, he has been warned, and he knows the results beforehand.

Perhaps, it would be more to the point if Mr. Perez compared the fine to that of the first arrest for a DWI that did not result in a wreck or a death.

That fine could amount up to $2,000 not $500.

If you get killed by someone texting, you are just as dead as being killed by a drunk driver and a $500 fine would be “small potatoes” compared to a lifetime of regret.

Unless the parent is as “stupid” as the minor doing the texting, the parent could suspend permission to drive until the child has gained some wisdom.

If the car is restricted to the individual until he is 18, he can be advised that he is expected to act responsibly and will be accountable for any fine or jail sentence he earned by ignoring his safety, the safety of others and the law.

Regrettably, too many of us expect someone else to be responsible for our actions and our punishment, but, be advised, no one else will be able to clear our conscience.

Sincerely, Norma Christian Raymondville