Resident has concerns about street work

The city will start charging every property owner or business a tax (or fee) for “street repair fund.”

If you want to see how the city handles street repairs you should look at the work being done on Arroyo Vista Ct and Bourbon Street.

The property owners were notified in November about this project. On January 16, 2017 we were informed “Oh by the way, we are going to put in sidewalks too.”

They started cutting people’s driveways on Jan. 15.

So they started the sidewalk portion of the project before they notified the property owners.

This notification was to be done by the contractors according to city hall.

They ripped out sprinkler systems and any landscaping those owners had done on their property in the last 23 years.

I am an original property owner since 1994 so I know what has been destroyed.

The city says they cannot replace any sprinkler systems because they are on private property but, they can come on the property to remove them.

Needless to say, as of March 15 the project has not been completed. The current contractor should be fired and bring in someone more competent.

This is what happens when you go with lowest bid. You get what you paid for.

So … you think the city should be trusted with a fund for street repairs, I don’t.

Nicholas Dudley Harlingen