Raymondville meeting to plan city’s future

RAYMONDVILLE — Residents are getting a chance to plan for city’s next 10 years.

Tomorrow, the city will hold a public hearing to help draft the city’s new comprehensive plan.

“It’s information the public will give,” City Manager Eleazar Garcia said today. “We’d like to get their input.”

Topics will include economic development, water, sewer, drainage, streets, housing and land use.

“What do people want to say about where economic development should be, what do they want to see for water, streets, drainage?” Garcia asked.

In a workshop, city commissioners also will discuss the city’s goals.

The city will use a $55,000 grant and $20,000 in city money to fund development of the comprehensive plan, Garcia said.

Garcia said a consultant from the Austin-based firm GrantWorks will help the city draft its next 10-year plan.

The plan will help the city apply for grant money to fund prioritized projects, Garcia said.

“I’ll have data to show in 10 years this is where we want to be,” Garcia said. “Our grant people will come up with a proposal, we’ll tweak it and present it to the board.”