Police fear brother, sister may be in danger

SAN BENITO — The man who police are looking for in connection with two missing children has been previously arrested on abuse charges.

Police are continuing their search for two missing siblings who could be in danger and now the FBI is involved.

Alondra Sanchez Rosales, 11, and her 15-year-old brother Brandon Rosales Sanchez were last seen on Thursday, March 23, according to a San Benito police press release. School officials say the young girl is a student at Fred Booth Elementary, while are her brother attends Berta Cabaza Middle School.

The suspect is identified as the mother’s boyfriend, Christian Osvaldo Lopez-Hernandez, 41, a Mexican national, police said.

According to the information in the press release, the police are calling this a “possible abuse case.”

The mother is identified as 41-year-old Juana Juarez Rosales and is believed to be with Hernandez and her children.

Police Chief Michael Galvan said they are concerned for the children because of an ongoing criminal investigation.

Allegations of abuse against Hernandez were made to Child Protective Services, which went to the school to interview the children. They were expected to follow up in a secondary interview with CPS, but the kids never showed up to the scheduled interview.

Galvan said after the first interview, the four abruptly left town.

During CPS’s investigation, Hernandez gave a different name and a different age. Galvan said they aren’t sure about the mother’s identity and are asking for the public’s assistance in identify her.

Galvan couldn’t say if the mother may be in danger or an accomplice.

Hernandez has been arrested before.

Galvan said San Benito police arrested him a few years ago on charges of endangering a child and injury to a child, two different cases.

He is wanted for failing to appear on one of those charges.

Due to Hernandez ties to Mexico, the FBI is now involved.

Galvan said the department is working with Hernandez’s family.

“His family believes he might be in Mexico,” Galvan said.

Hernandez was seen driving a white, two-door 1990s model Chevrolet Cavalier displaying license plates TVF 367. The license plates come back to a different vehicle, police said.

An amber alert has not been issued for the children. Galvan said this case didn’t meet the criteria.

“They have to be taken by force or under the threat of force. Since we were at the beginning stages of just an allegation, we really don’t know what we have,” Galvan said.


Anyone with information is asked to call San Benito police Sgt. Elizabeth Cantu at 956-361-3880.