What would make Trump’s supporters turn against him?

BY Jim Taylor

The main problem that Trump’s supporters have always had with him is the habit of making outlandish propositions which would be unconstitutional if he could carry them out.

They have been thankful that the Congress and the Constitution can be expected to prevent him from trying to overstep his Constitutional authority.

It is one thing to sound tough to get elected, but another thing entirely when it comes to governing. If Trump goes outside of the Constitution to realize an agenda, his support will disappear.

Many think Trump’s ban on Muslims from certain countries was unconstitutional mostly because they hate Trump.

During the Carter years’ hostage crisis in Iran, Carter banned Shiite Muslims from entering the US, he had the FBI to re-evaluate those already within the US, and deported Shiite and Iranian Muslim students; not one single liberal or judge accused Carter of racism or not following the Constitution.

Eisenhower deported millions of illegal Mexicans after WWII to ensure that returning GI’s would have jobs, and nobody accused Eisenhower of racism or being unconstitutional.

The Constitution does not obligate us to treat non-citizen invaders constitutionally. It does not require us bestow Constitutional rights upon citizens of other countries until/ unless they come to this country legally.

Why do Conservatives and Trump distrust the media so much?

A free press is fundamental to our republic. Unfortunately, we live in a world where almost every outlet has chosen sides, and very few of these outlets are Conservative.

Only one cable TV channel is more conservative (FOX News) but all other TV is liberal; they only hire people who agree with them ideologically, choose what stories they run and ignore Conservative news; thus, Conservatives see themselves getting unfair treatment in most of the news, which is predominantly liberal.

How can Conservatives be for cutting spending and building the wall simultaneously?

Conservatives believe that most government spending today is on things it should not be, and never should have been, doing (is/are unconstitutional).

The priority of government should be protecting us from foreign invaders, securing our borders and establishing order.

Building a fence or wall is an important part of that when repeated invasions are prevalent.

Additionally, it is possible to make Mexico pay for the wall by taxing remittances from immigrants and withholding aid to Mexico.

Many people think that this is just an applause line, but it can be an actuality if we so require it.

The pressure on Republicans to build the wall will not go away if Trump and his followers continue to insist that it be built, regardless of who pays for it.

Does it bother you that tiny numbers of the richest people of the world have wealth equal to the entire bottom half of the world population?

Not in the least: Income inequality is not a meaningful barometer of fairness or economic health. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have nearly infinite amounts of money, but it does not make my life or yours any worse.

If anything, the taxes they pay and the jobs they create are good for the country, you and me. Taxing them into oblivion so that the money could be redistributed would only terminate them as a source of our benefits.

We’re better off having them out there doing their thing and inspiring others to try and match their level of success.

Don’t forget, it is earnings through business/ entrepreneurship and its employees which pay the entire world budget through taxes; while government makes no contribution whatsoever and is 100 percent expense.

Wealth naturally flows toward those who provide what we most need; and wealth naturally resides with those who best manage it, while it flees from those who manage it poorly.

Were all the wealth equally distributed amongst the world’s population in a free economy, the money would flow naturally back to a small percentage of the population who best manage that wealth.

I was born in the Great Depression when soda pop and peanut butter were considered a luxury, Momma cut our hair and churned our butter, else we went without.

Now look what we have: Between 1969 and 2007, incomes for Americans in the bottom fifth of income distribution rose by 46%, compared with a 63% increase for Americans in the middle fifth (measured with inflation considered). Don’t try to tell me that the middle class or poor has been forgotten.

If welfare income were considered, the so-called poor fared even better.

Jim N. Taylor is a local resident who regularly writes to the Valley Morning Star.