Nothing wrong with San Benito

In reply to “What has your City become?” Like Mr. Schlechtinger, I was not born or raised in San Benito. This is where the similarities end.

I have been coming to the Valley for the last 20 years (I have family in the Valley).

I recently retired from an extremely large Texas city(51 percent Hispanic) and now live in a RV park in San Benito.

I don’t know what park Mr. Schlechtinger resides in, but I don’t have to “lock things up.”

I don’t know where Mr. Schlechtinger’s San Benito is located, but in my San Benito I hear equal amounts of Spanish and English.

We are after all located a hop, skip and a jump from Mexico. I embrace the cultural diversity of the Valley.

The Spanish language is pleasing to the ear, and I am currently taking a Spanish course.

I know that I will never become proficient, but I hope that it will give me a better understanding of my adopted City.

Does Mr. Schlechtinger think that all blond haired, blue eyed, American looking people are necessarily from the good ole USA? Think again Mr. Schlechtinger.

Bueno for you Mr. Schlechtinger for being “somewhat understanding” that it may be necessary for businesses to be bilingual to provide for the “Mexicans” who come to the area to shop, eat, entertain and sell.

I hope you are able to recognize sarcasm.

I know a number of “American” citizens who only speak Spanish.

Does that make them any less “American “ and where does it say that “Americans” in our fair city should communicate only in English?

One of the most fair, compassionate and wonderful people that I have had the pleasure of knowing for the past twenty plus years is my son-in-law (an American citizen since birth) whose primary language growing up was Spanish.

Sadly Mr. Schlechtinger you come across in your letter as being a narrow minded bigot. Maybe it’s best that you look for somewhere else to spend your winters.

How about New Mexico, oops, borders with Mexico.

Possibly Arizona? Oops, borders with Mexico. California? Also borders with Mexico.

I know! Florida! Oops, has a large spanish speaking population.

I suggest you put on your big boy pants and winter in Ohio. We neither want nor need your bigotry.

Linda Perdue Now from San Benito and loving it