Future of Spring Break?: Save it

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — Clayton Brashear’s save Spring Break petition has garnered almost 1,000 signatures in just five days.

And he plans to turn those signatures and the petition over to the City Council to consider its five-point plan for ways to improve Spring Break.

In June, the city will hold a workshop to review current requirements and consider potential new components to ordinances for Spring Break.

The owner of Clayton’s Beach Bar and Grill said the petition started gaining speed two days after a “Save the Island” petition was being passed around the Island and Internet.

Brashear’s petition calls on officials not to kill Spring Break with regulations because property values would fall, people would lose jobs and homes and businesses would suffer.

The five-point plan calls for better equipping the police department and using hotel, sales and venue taxes and beach maintenance funds to pay for expenses. It also calls for stopping after-hour house parties, adding more “no parking” signs in neighborhoods and enforcing underage drinking laws.

“I think there is a group here on the Island that doesn’t want any business here,” Brashear said. “They live on fixed incomes and they want all the restaurants to have $4.99 specials.”

Brashear recalled when he was in high school, he would work on the Island during Spring Break.

He said this is Cameron County, one of the poorest county’s in the country and the revenue Spring Break brings in helps employ off-duty police officers, bartenders and people who work in the retail stores.

“The venues don’t invite the people down, the hotels do,” Brashear said.

Brashear’s petition says the Spring Break event produces more than $35 million for the hotel economy.

“Their petition never talked about bringing jobs to the Island,” Brashear said about the other petition. “Their position is really to be the moral police on the Island.”

He said during Texas Week there were no accidents on his property, nobody was hurt and there were no deaths on his property.

“They will do whatever it takes to get rid of Spring Break,” Brashear said. “The people in Property Owners Who Care don’t care about Spring Break.”

More Information

One side says Spring Break on South Padre Island is too wild and needs to be tamed.

Another side says it wants to save Spring Break from over-regulation.

Petitions to “Save Spring Break” and “Save the Island” contain information that will be passed on to the City Council. City leaders will begin to re-evaluate the city’s existing ordinances and special event permits at a public workshop on Spring Break scheduled for June 14 at City Hall. “This is an extremely important community conversation,” SPI City Manager Susan Guthrie said. “It is critical that we gather, analyze and present all the information we can to evaluate the community impact of Spring Break and other key events.”


Solutions to overcome negative aspects of Spring Break:

* Properly equip police department during Spring Break

* Use the hotel/condo, sales, venue and beach maintenance taxes to pay proportionate share of expenses

* Stop illegal after-hour house parties which cause havoc in the city

* No kegs on the beach and enforce all underage drinking laws