Painting the downtown: MMA cadets help beautify the city

HARLINGEN – Maxim Peppers of Austin isn’t one to forget a favor.

Peppers was on hand Monday to help out a fellow Marine Military Academy classmate who is working toward his Eagle Scout rank.

Freshman John Hayne’s project is painting a fence at the Literacy Center of Harlingen.

“He helped me out on mine, so I’m just kind of returning the favor,” said Peppers, a junior.

Earning Eagle Scout is a significant achievement, and classmates at MMA pitch in for each other to help reach the Eagle Scout goal. This was the fifth day the Scouts were working on the fence.

Working under the direction of Scout Troop 22 assistant Scout leader Steve Gerber, Peppers, Hayne and classmates Ryan Smith of Woodbridge, Virginia, and Austin Riley of Sarasota, Florida, joined forces to get it done.

Hayne says he hopes to have his elusive Eagle Scout rank soon. “I’m hoping to finish by the end of this year in May,” he says.