Do you feel a cold coming on? Juice it out of your body. Do you feel bloated? Take a shot of ginger.

When you walk into Juiceology located on sunny Jackson Street in downtown Harlingen, you hear the whirring of high end juicers. In the corner, there are baskets of fresh produce, apples and oranges. This place is all about juicing and being healthy.

Juiceology owners and sisters Melissa Zepeda and Renea Perez have more than eight years of experience in the fitness business.

The avid juicers wanted to bring to the Rio Grande Valley what they saw in the bigger cities, fresh and healthy juice. Both were not big juicers until the trend started blowing up.

For two years, Renea played with the idea. In 2015, she and her sister finally made it a reality, opening the first juice bar in Harlingen.

Everything is juiced and prepared in front of the customer and the produce is grown and purchased locally.

If juices don’t tickle your fancy, there are a plethora of healthy smoothies, superfood bowls, acai bowls, and nutrition infused shots.

The protein shakes contain no syrups and many different protein powders, such as vegan, lactose intolerant and more are available to make sure you stay on track. You can even create your own drink.

The Big Question About Juicing – Cleansing

Juicing, it’s become a trendy fad. However, there are some that can take it to the extreme. Juice cleanses have become a new thing in cleansing the body and aid in weight loss.

But does it really do the body good? Melissa and Renea of Juiceology in Harlingen weigh in.

Both recommend against long-term juice cleanses. If it goes for more than three days, it’s probably not good for you. Both women suggest juicing part-time. Try a juice for breakfast and something healthy and nutritious to eat. Have one good solid meal a day in addition to juicing.

“Sometimes these cleanses are hard on your system,” said Renea. “We developed a three-day and we also tell you how to re-introduce food back into it.”

If you are going to cleanse, make sure it’s a short one. Also, before starting a cleanse, Renea suggests you talk to your doctor if you have health issues.

Ingredients that benefit women

Beets – Contains folic acid, cleanses the colon, cleanses the blood, immunity booster, great source of iron, protects against heart disease, strengthens gall bladder and liver, and helps fight stress, headaches and menstrual pain.

Ginger – Fights cold and flu symptoms, detoxifies the body, can help reduce muscle pain and inflammation, and alleviates nausea and bloating.

Oranges – Protects cardiovascular system, regulates blood pressure, fights infections, and purifies blood, full of fiber and vitamin C.

Turmeric – Aids in hormonal issues.

Greek yogurt – Great source of protein, aids in weight loss, provides probiotics that aid digestion, alleviates constipation, promotes hair growth and Greek yogurt has less lactose than regular yogurt.

Grapefruit – Aids in weight loss and helps reduce cellulite.

Kayleigh’s Juicing Tips

I’ve been juicing part time and here is what I have learned.

• You don’t have to juice everyday. I drink about one homemade juice a day, sometimes twice.

• Juice while also eating healthy meals. Try not to use it as meal replacement. You can prepare juice and store it in glass bottles for the week. You can find great deals online.

• My energy and immune levels have been boosted.

• Juicing has led me to make healthier eating decisions. Everything in moderation.

• There are extensive combinations of produce out there to make a tasty and healthy juice. Beets are surprisingly good.

• You don’t have to buy an expensive juicer. Mine cost me $50.

• Any juicer you get will be easy to use. Put a plastic grocery bag where the compost exits and clean up is 10 times easier and faster.

• Produce remnants from the juicer can be used for planting/ composting. I don’t do this but I know some people who do.

Cool Recipes

Unique combos for a super juicing experience


• Watermelon

• Jalapeños (not too much)

• Pineapple


• Cucumber

• Celery

• Apple

• Kale

• Lemon

• Ginger (not too much)

Your drink too bitter or acidic? Apples are a great way to give it a splash of sweet.

Current Trends in Juicing

Wheatgrass – A popular health shot amongst Juiceology’s patrons. Wheatgrass is rich in chlorophyll, cleanses the liver naturally, full of antioxidants, blood strengthener, energy booster, aids in digestion. It is also a great alternative to a multi-vitamin.

Kombucha – Is a pro-biotic tea. Kombucha is said to treat a variety of human illnesses, including AIDS, cancer, anxiety and diabetes. It boosts the immune system and libido.

Acai – This rich in antioxidants is considered a super food with anti-aging and weight loss properties. It helps lower cholesterol and prevents blood clots.

Turmeric – Turmeric, the main spice in curry, is arguably the most powerful herb on the planet at fighting and potentially reversing disease. It is considered an anti inflammatory; it’s full of antioxidants, gives the brain a boost, helps in the aid of depression and has anti aging properties.