San Benito police to receive free training

SAN BENITO — Basic peace officer academy training will be provided free of charge to San Benito Police Department personnel.

The training comes under terms of a memorandum of understanding with the Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council.

In return, the city will provide training locations and instructors to assist in the training provided in conjunction with other agencies, Police Chief Michael Galvan said.

According to the agreement, up to five locally-sponsored cadets will be trained at no cost to the city, while one-half of the regular tuition will be waived to another five cadets.

“We will have a limited payroll burden with this plan,” Galvan said.

“By approving this agreement, the Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council will provide basic police academy training, and in-service police training, for the San Benito police officers, other area in-service police officers and prospective peace officer candidates.”

The Development Council will utilize their instructional staff and equipment, provide applicable training activities to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, supervise instructors and students throughout the training, and provide lesson plans, learning objectives and media visual training materials in conjunction with any basic peace officer course.

The police department will also provide specialized instructional staff as requested by the Development Council, as well as certified firearms instructors at the firing range.