A runner’s dream: Student athlete ready to run against the world

RAYMONDVILLE — Elijah Perez, a Raymondville High School athlete, has been invited to an all-world cross-county race in Australia.

He said he’s ready to race against the world, and plans to break his personal record and finish a 5K race within 15 minutes or faster.

To do that, Perez needs a helping hand to get to the race.

Q: How did you get invited to the Down Under Cross-Country competition?

A: They sent me a letter to my school and the letter told me all the details and what events I qualified for.

Q: What events will you be participating in in Australia?

A: I’m running in two events, a 5K and 5.7K. The 5K is an all-American 5K and the 5.7K a city run.

Q: How do you feel about participating in these events?

A: I think it would be a good opportunity, especially to get looked at by colleges to help me get a college scholarship.

Q: What are you doing to prepare for the race, and what do you need to get there?

A: I have been training hard. This week I started doing 40 miles a week. By the time of the tournament I’m hoping to have been doing 50 miles a week of practice.

Q: When did you get into track and cross-country and how much do you like the sport?

A: I saw the cross-country guys running and I talked to the coach and asked if I could join. I knew I was always decent at running and my sophomore year I qualified for regionals with two years’ experience. And this year I qualified for state. I’m the first athlete to qualify for state from Raymondville in 18 years.

Q: How can people contact you to help sponsor you to compete in Australia?

A: I’m signed up to compete but I need a little over $3,700 to go race and for some spending money. People can help me with my GoFundMe account.