Easing traffic congestion: Roadway projects making headway in Cameron County

HARLINGEN — The smooth new roadway of the South Parallel Corridor is moving into its next phase.

The next segment in the project will extend the new roadway from FM 509 near Valley Race Park east to FM 1577. The cost for those 5.2 miles will be $8.5 million.

“That project has been awarded to Foremost Paving,” TxDOT’s David Vera told the Harlingen-San Benito Metropolitan Planning Organization last week. “It will be three to 12 months before you see any construction on that section of roadway.”

The freeway-like, 2.11 miles of the first phase of the corridor opened between FM 1479/Rangerville Road and FM 509/Paso Real highway last May. Cost of the first phase was $10 million.

The South Parallel Corridor aims to reduce traffic congestion along Harrison and Tyler Avenues, U.S. Highway 77 and I-69E/77/83 by offering an east-west alternative route.

A third phase is scheduled in the project, and when finished will extend the corridor from FM 1577 toward I-69E/77/83 to the east.

When finished, the corridor also will connect traffic from Los Indios and the Los Indios Free Trade Bridge to the retail and commercial areas in Harlingen and San Benito.

TxDOT Projects Update

U.S. 281 Rehabilitation and Widening

Location: From .05 miles west of FM 1479 to 0.24 miles east of FM 506

Cost: $7.7 million

Project Length: 3.86 miles

Contractor: ASAGO LLC

Work started: June 2015

Completion date: February 2017

Work finished: 88.38 percent complete

The project on the highway along the Rio Grande consists of rehabbing the roadway and widening the existing road.

FM 106 roadway reconstruction

Location: From FM 1847 to FM 510

Cost: $15.6 million

Project Length: 11.4 miles

Contractor: Texas SAI Inc.

Work started: November 2015

Completion date: December 2017

Work finished: 47.9 percent complete

The project consists of a major overhaul of the roadway and includes several wildlife underpasses and adjacent fencing.

BSIF at Los Indios

Location: Los Indios Free Trade International Bridge

Cost: $6.9 million

Project Length: .001 miles

Contractor: Foremost Paving Inc.

Work started: February 2015

Completion date: June 2016

Work finished: 78.57 percent

The new border safety inspection facility will inspect trucks from Mexico entering the United States. Work on the facility has been suspended since September while TxDOT awaits a land donation from Cameron County.

U.S. 281 roadway rehabilitation and widening

Location: From .09 miles east of Hidalgo/Cameron county line to 0.24 miles east of FM 506

Cost: $5.2 million

Project Length: 2.789 miles

Contractor: Foremost Paving Inc.

Work started: February 2015

Completion date: February 2017

Work finished: 99.9 percent

This is the western end of the rehab and widening of border highway U.S. 281.

1 and 2 county road off-system bridge replacements

Location: Kornegay Road just south of FM 1561 and Mile Line 20 Road 0.5 miles east of Nelson Road

Cost: $1.4 million

Project length: Varies

Contractor: Valley Infrastructure

Work started: February 2016

Completion date: December 2016

Work finished: 91.16 percent

The two projects will replace aging bridges and their approaches.

Bridge rehabilitation Rio Hondo lift bridge

Location: Rio Hondo

Cost: $12.4 million

Project length: 0.117 miles

Contractor: PCL Civil Contractors Inc.

Work started: Summer 2016

Completion date: December 2017

Work finished: 46.79 percent

The project consists of a complete overhaul of the mechanical lift bridge over the Arroyo Colorado.

I-69E and I-2 interchange landscape improvements

Location: I-69E and I-2

Cost: $293,349

Project length: 0.1 miles

Contractor: Southern Landscapes

Work started: April 3

Completion date: August

Work finished: 0 percent