San Benito teen stabbed

SAN BENITO — First an argument broke out.

Then a scuffle.

By the time it was over, a 17-year-old boy had been stabbed in the back.

Police said the fight broke out shortly before 1 p.m. yesterday in the 100 block of Las Palmas Drive.

The man who did the stabbing fled the scene before police arrived.

The teen was taken to Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen. But his condition was not immediately available.

Investigators don’t have much information to go on.

“We don’t know all the details because everybody is being very uncooperative about it,” Police Chief Michael Galvan said.

“We talked to different people and we got different stories from different eyewitnesses. They gave us a very weak description.”

Witnesses said the man ran in a certain direction. But when police searched the area, they didn’t find him.

Police are asking that anyone with information come forward.

“If anybody who lives in the area did see something, if they could give us a call, all calls remain anonymous,” Galvan said.

“If they have good information that they can give us that will help us, I would really appreciated it.”

You can call the San Benito Police Department at 956-361-3880.