HARLINGEN — Today, children will be scrambling for Easter eggs.

Families will be gathering for picnics and barbecues.

But what is the meaning of Easter Sunday?

It is the holiest day on the Christian calendar.

“The Easter season is regarded as the highest point in the Catholic Church’s liturgical season,” said Father Larry Klein, the reverend at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Harlingen.

“It is the celebration and glorification of the greatest Miracle the Earth has ever seen, the resurrection of the Son of God, which marks the Redemption and renewal of life for the human race.

“For all Catholics in the Rio Grande Valley, Easter Sunday is the day the church calls us together to celebrate what God has done for us along with the renewal of our baptismal promises.”

Protestants, too, celebrate Jesus’ victory over death.

“Easter is a time to celebrate how God’s love and presence in this world is greater than anything we can ever face or go through in life and death,” said Rev. Charlie Palmer, pastor for Treasure Hills Presbyterian Church in Harlingen.

“It overpowers even death and because of Christ’s Resurrection from the dead, we too are given the gift of Life Eternal. God can bring new beginnings out of things.”

Easter Sunday brings comfort that death does not get the final say, but Jesus does and that those who die in faith of Him will one day be in His presence, said Rev. Nathan Wendorf, pastor at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Harlingen.

Wendorf says Easter is “the critical event upon which our Christian faith is built upon.”

“Easter Sunday shows us the great love that God the Father has in sending His Son Jesus into this world so that through his death on the cross the sin that separated us from God would be paid for and that by His rising from the dead on Easter, we too have hope of our own resurrection where we will be in the presence of Jesus and all of those who have faith in him,” Wendorf said.

Palmer adds that “God can roll away stones in our lives.”

“Even the darkest moments can be filled with light because of the good news of Easter,” Palmer said.

Klein says Easter Sunday is a reminder of “how truly blessed we are.”

“Where at times we can lose track of our faith or have faced personal struggles throughout the year, Easter Sunday is a reminder of how greatly blessed we are to be in communion with God through Jesus Christ, his son,” Klein said.

“As families attend Mass on Easter Sunday and come together for barbecues and Easter egg hunts, we come to realize how truly blessed we are.

“Alabare a mi Senor!”