Trump a failure

Well, I have just read and realized how meaningful and truthful a writer has described Trump.

Trump has proven that the Republican/Christians are the most unpatriotic and most unempathetic people that have put party before country.

Has constantly lied and has failed miserably on his plans and predictions during his first 100 days.

Darn if Trump just gets better at gaining new lows in approval ratings.

Approval in the low 30s is the worst of any President so far.

For a candidate that promised to work his behind off from the beginning, is still on hold, but his golf game has to really be improving as he probably spends more time on the golf course, more so than all the Presidents combined, during their first 100 days.

I can hardly wait for all the screaming and outrage these same people poured on our last President. Obama vacationed after some hard times at work, while Trump plays golf, vacations, and then plays more golf.

I also remember the outrage at the amount of servants the Obama’s had at the White house, which were the same as other Presidents and am waiting to hear the outrage of Trump’s million dollar (tax payer) expenses to house his lovely wife’s home away from home.

His lies are catching up to him and I am pleased to say that I read a nice article on how to save over 25 billion over night.

He can tell his followers that the wall has already been built and of course they will believe him.

On another note, a writer keeps drilling our heads, insisting on enabling the rich to keep getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

It’s great to keep slitting our own throats and allowing it to happen.

Let’s see, up to 1970, the wealthy were paying up to 90 percent taxes, workers were paying their fair share while working at approximately a $2 an hour minimum wage.

Workers were able to afford a new car, an apartment or home and put plenty of food on the table.

Our country was in great shape. Now the wealthy are paying less than 30 percent, while most of the minimum wage employees have to apply for welfare to survive.

Oh yea, the huge profits and corporate welfare these corporations are now earning, keep landing in offshore accounts.

Trump’s tax reform, to lower taxes for the wealthy and keep making other countries great is on the agenda.

Is anybody ready to push their common sense button?

Have a good day.

Juan Gonzales Harlingen