Cultural worse than academic failure?

BY Jim N. Taylor

The total of one’s experience is education, especially the part that is remembered. It is general knowledge that American students lag at least 30 other of the most ‘advanced’ nations in academic achievement, while ahead of all others in self-esteem (we like ourselves dumb?).

I would caution all, that academics are not necessarily education’s greatest failure. America once had cultural and institutional teaching of patriotism, morality, honor, self-reliance, personal accountability, economics and the total meaning of our founding documents (Declaration of Independence and the Constitution).

In addition, boys were taught how to be men and girls were taught how to be women. We had an admirable American culture. If you find any of our children today who exhibit proficiency in the above subjects, it is because their parents took the place of all other previous sources, bent over backwards, and jammed it into their heads.

Schools, churches and (wholesome) entertainment no longer are getting the job done. Most homes are also failing.

This is not another attempt to finger black culture: read Charles Murray’s “Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960 – 2010” to decide how far downhill we’ve come.

In the 1960s, 86 percent of married women polled believed that it was wrong to have sexual relations with one’s fiancé.

Today, numbers of white people under age 50 that are no longer living in former marriages has more than doubled to 27 percent.

The ‘greatest generation’ grew up storming Normandy Beach and fighting the Japanese across the Pacific, while today’s millennials of the same age feel “unsafe” if someone they disagree with speaks at an event they don’t have to attend on their campus.

There went freedom of speech and the ordinary tolerance of it, especially in seats of education.

We formerly declared and taught that an act was absolutely either right or wrong, good or evil, moral or immoral, based upon the nature and result of the action, and/or based upon a stated code of behavior as a moral order.

This required judgment on the part of the individual. This presented a challenge to the contemporary politics that depend upon those who would prefer not to be told that their choices are bad and that their lives are not virtuous.

How can millennials not lean to the left when liberalism is constantly shoved down their throats by their schools, their favorite musicians, (rappers are not singers, but are entertainers) and Hollywood?

We should not be surprised that at least 51% of them (millennials) do not support capitalism when their professors are known to be communists extolling socialist gutters like Cuba and Venezuela?

Everything liberals teach to our kids is backward from reality.

Liberalism punishes the good or virtuous accused of some unfair advantage while rewarding the evil and/or lazy who claim to be victims of forces out of their control.

Instead of trying to build rocket ships and going to the moon, their professors have them trying to figure out their gender and which bathroom they should be using.

The victimhood snowflakes think they are entitled to whatever they want for the gratitude we should have for their very existence.

Conservatives must challenge the victim mentality liberals push onto our kids. Never feel sorry for yourself, or seek pity or play the victim. The wait for someone else to solve your problem will always be too long; and if you do get help, you won’t like it, because it will be on the terms of the helper.

Cut off funding to institutions that discriminate against conservatism; Support all action for freedom of speech and the first ten amendments; Support Capitalism, patriotism and morality; these built America and the original American culture.

Jim N. Taylor is a local resident who regularly writes to the Valley Morning Star.