More join in search for missing Raymondville woman

RAYMONDVILLE — Searches for a missing Raymondville woman are ongoing and now involve efforts from outside the area, including a nonprofit organization known for its involvement in high profile cases.

Volunteer search efforts began days ago and will continue most likely until Nora Conde Villalobos, 49, is found.

The U.S. Marine Corps veteran was last seen April 19 near her home wearing a red top with silver pants and black heels.

Even though the most recent searches didn’t unearth any clues to Nora’s whereabouts, Legion Post 390 Commander George Solis said the searches were still a success.

More than 100 people came out last Friday and Saturday to look for Nora. People conducted searches on horseback, by tractor and by boat.

The search party has now become even bigger.

Tim Miller and the Texas EquuSearch team, a nonprofit organization, will be working in a coordinated search effort with the Raymondville Police Department and the Texas Rangers to locate Nora.

Miller and his team have been searching since last week. Searchers on foot and ATVs are needed in this search for Nora.

Volunteers who have snake boots and other protective clothing are encouraged wear them.

Nora wears glasses, and she has a turtle tattooed on top of her left foot.

She also has the tattoo of flowers, a tower and an angel all combined in one tattoo image on her left arm

Police said Nora suffers from hypertension and Crohn’s disease and is in need of medication.

Her boyfriend, who police said was the last person to see her, is considered a person of interest.

Police Chief Uvaldo Zamora said he is cooperating with authorities.

Anyone who wants to volunteer their time is welcome.

Solis is encouraging all, especially fellow veterans, to help in the search.

“That’s what we are all about,” he said. “Helping veterans and their families.”

Volunteers are encouraged to dress appropriately for the outdoor search.

Solis said they will continue to look for Nora as long as they can.

How to help search for Nora

Those interested in volunteering can contact the Raymondville American Legion at 956-689-1903 or Tim Miller at 281-960-6183.

Anyone who has seen Nora Conde Villalobos is encouraged to contact the Raymondville Police Department at 956-689-2441 or Willacy County Crime Stoppers at 956-642-7463.

Who is out searching?

Texas EquuSearch Mounted Search and Recovery Team is in the area right now helping with the search for Nora Conde Villalobos, the Raymondville woman missing since mid-April.

The nonprofit organization has a lengthy history. It was started in August 2000 with the purpose to provide Volunteer Horse Mounted Search and Recovery for Lost and Missing persons.

The Team was started in the North Galveston County area because of the high incidence of missing persons in the largely undeveloped area of South Harris and North Galveston counties.

With this in mind, the team’s existence and purpose is dedicated to the memory of Laura Miller, the daughter of founding director, Tim Miller.

Laura was abducted and murdered in North Galveston County in 1984.

The team is comprised of volunteers with various experiences, many being experienced horse owners.

The organization currently has about 600 members and is growing rapidly. They are currently available to conduct searches nation and worldwide.

EquuSearch is a nonprofit organization, which is funded solely by donations.