HARLINGEN — The city is giving the Harlingen Humane Society a big helping hand.

Last night, city commissioners approved $25,000 to help the humane society through the end of the fiscal year closing in September.

“This is a one-time donation,” City Manager Dan Serna said at the meeting. “It’s a great price for the city of Harlingen for what they’re doing.”

Today, Mayor Chris Boswell said officials will consider increasing the city’s annual contribution.

“We are working with the humane society staff to work out a plan that would be sustainable,” Serna said last night.

As part of an agreement, the city gives the humane society $131,000 a year to help fund services including a spay and neutering program.

The humane society had requested $50,000 after President Pat Turman-White said the agency was “broke.”

“I would like to clarify our financial situation. Our shelter is always a month away from closing — when we have no reserves in our reserve fund,” Turman-White told commissioners. “However, we all know the major reason I am here is because of the gap between our cost and what the city contributes is grossly out of proportion.”

Meanwhile, the humane society’s financial condition has led to an outpouring of private donations.

“I am hoping that when our story is no longer in the news that the public will remember we operate with only the guarantee of our monthly check from the city of Harlingen,” Turman-White said.

City officials plan to meet with humane society May 15.