Falling behind has nothing to do with Trump

Well, I see that Juan Gonzalez is writing fantasy letters again, 5/2/17 VMS.

America’s working class is falling further behind, and so Juan blames Donald Trump.

Of course it is happening, but, it has nothing to do with the President, in fact, if Mr. Gonzalez would have done some reading he would have noticed that many low skilled jobs are now being doing done by computers and robots.

Shoving aside low and mid skilled workers.

At the same time, the trend compliments higher skilled workers.

This pattern is predicted to continue, thirty eight percent of US jobs could be at high risk of automation.

This includes, but not limited to; retail, trade, transportation, and manufacturing, with least educated workers facing the biggest challenges.

So quit the belly aching, if you’re unemployed, educate yourself. Quit blaming Trump, make something out of yourself, and quit depending on Mr. Gonzalez rants to make a difference.

Frank Garcia Harlingen