We are not slave to the government

Some public officials in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) operate under the notion that they know best on how to spend taxpayer’s money.

Several city governments and a special district have committed questionable spending that recently has made headlines.

Do government actions in the Agua Special Utility District, McAllen and Mercedes ring a bell?

As a result of these actions, many RGV taxpayers and voters are in an uproar on the wasteful spending.

I strongly support State Rep. Terry Canales” (D-Edinburg) efforts in trying to pass a government transparency bill in the Texas Legislature.

If it becomes law, it would strengthen governmental transparency laws and prevent public officials trying to hide their wasteful spending dealing with taxpayer’s money.

The Texas Public Information Act gives the members of the public the right to request government information.

Public officials should use transparency as first principle to make sure that taxpayers’ money is spent wisely.

The taxpayers and voters are the masters, not the slaves of government.

Silvestre Moreno Jr. Mercedes