Lyford’s Kyndra Brown a key force behind the team’s playoff ride

LYFORD — The Lady Bulldogs march through the postseason continues tonight when they meet perennial power Santa Gertrudis in a Class 3A regional quarterfinal series.

The best-of-three series begins at 7 tonight at Texas A&M-Kingsville. Game 2 begins at 11 a.m. Saturday at Lyford with Game 3 to follow 30 minutes afterward, if necessary.

“Were going to continue what we’ve been doing and that’s play Lyford softball,” said coach Joey Rios. “We have been playing good softball the past few weeks and the girls know how to pick each other up.”

One of the senior catalysts has been center fielder Kyndra Brown. The speedster is currently batting .329 with 30 runs and 27 hits.

The Valley Morning Star sat down with Kyndra on Thursday.

Q: What has this season been like for you as a senior making it to the third round of the playoffs for the second time?

A: This season has been great for me. We were undefeated district champs and we’re heading into the third round tonight against Santa Gertrudis. It’s been a tough journey and we’ve worked really hard to get here. We’ve been putting in work since January and it’s paying off. I’m excited to be here at the third round again. It’s a great feeling and I’m hoping this year we advance to the fourth round and more.

Q: As a senior and four-year letterman, how do you help guide the younger girls?

A: I helped guide the younger girls by telling them how to do certain things that will make things easier for them. Such as at shortstop when turning a double play, it’s much easier to swipe the side of the bag instead of stepping on top of the bag and trying not to run into the runner as you throw to first.

Q: Was the 13-inning game you played in last week to open your area-round series the craziest and longest game you’ve ever been a part of?

A: That game WAS the most intense, craziest and longest game I have ever been a part of. It was crazy how we would score a run then they (Goliad) would come back and it just went back and forth. The game started at 5 p.m. and didn’t finish till 9:30 p.m. I’m happy we stayed strong and pulled through at the end of it all by winning.

Q: What was the bus ride like coming home after winning area?

A: Unfortunately, I was unable to experience the bus ride home after winning area since I decided to go home with my family, but I did get to experience the bus ride to the restaurant we ate at and it was pumped. We were so excited after that win.

Q: How have you seen this team grown and develop from your freshman year to now?

A: In my previous years playing varsity, I noticed that there was never a bond like there is with the team now. Yes, we bicker about some stuff, but we let it go once we touch the field. I feel like we trust each other more than I think any other team has.

Q: You plan on going to Texas State after graduation. What will you major in?

A: I plan on majoring in chemistry and pursuing a career as a crime scene investigator.

Q: What is your pre-game superstition?

A: I actually have quite a few pre-game superstitions. One of them is how I have to have a Dr Pepper before the game, even if it is just one drink of it. Super unhealthy, I know, but it’s something I’ve done since I first started playing softball. Another superstition of mine is I have to wear my hair the same way all season. I can’t change it up. I did, however, mess it up one time this season before the first series game against Corpus Christi London. Thankfully, it did not affect the outcome, but it’s still a superstition of mine. The last superstition I have, but also my team has it too, is that when we pray we have to kneel down next to the same two people each time. It cannot be rearranged.

Q: What is your favorite meal the night before a game?

A: Normally, I just eat whatever my mom or grandma makes for dinner.

Q: If you could have dinner with anyone in history, who would it be and why?

A: This question stumped me for a while, but after some thought I decided that I would want to have dinner with Alan Rickman. Rickman was an actor who died last year. He played professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series and I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I have read all of the books, seen all the movies and have a little collection of Harry Potter items. I would like to have dinner with him specifically because I want to hear him say, “turn to page 394.” In the Harry Potter series, every time he went into his classroom, he would tell his students to turn to page 394. They’re some of his famous words, besides “always.”