Open for all: New all-inclusive parks ready for children

HARLINGEN – Children from Bonham and Lee Means Elementary waited patiently in the windy conditions yesterday.

While some in attendance were clearly focused on a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony yesterday for the all-inclusive playgrounds at Pendleton and Victor Parks, the kids were undoubtedly eying up the new equipment hoping the ceremony would end soon so they could get on the equipment and enjoy it.

But it was city officials and other leaders who had the opportunity to speak and celebrate the success of the all-inclusive playround first.

“It’s a great day for the city of Harlingen,” Mayor Chris Boswell said during the ceremony. That thought was echoed several times during the 25-mintue ceremony to celebrate the opening of the playgrounds.

“This is all about collaborating and what we can do as a community,” Boswell said. “By sharing the leadership and not caring who gets the credit for getting something done.”

Pendleton Park is one of three all-inclusive parks throughout the city Harlingen which now accommodate all children regardless of disability. Inclusive, boundless and unlimited playround for all to enjoy was one way the playgrounds were described.

After the ceremony, the children played on and explored the many features of the new park. A collaboration and partnership between the City of Harlingen, Harlingen School District, Valley Baptist Legacy Foundation and the Harlingen Sunburst Rotary Club have made the all-inclusive parks possible.