San Benito High set for $300K upgrade

SAN BENITO — It’s been about 17 years since San Benito High School’s cafeteria was remodeled.

The vivaciously decorated room that represents that Mighty Greyhound pride will soon receive some much-needed upgrades.

Jana Landrum, director of the child and nutrition program, talked about the future modernization earlier this week.

Just recently, the last of the remodeling of the elementary schools cafeterias was finished. As per the cycle, according to Landrum, the high school is up again.

The last renovation took place in 2001.

“Now, we’re starting the cycle over again,” Landrum said. “Principal Henry Sanchez has been asking for this for a couple of years.”

A committee has already approved a design.

“It’s going to be a complete makeover,” Landrum said.

The new design will promote school spirit while also giving the cafeteria, which seats more than 500, a modern upgrade.

There will be an award wall and graduation wall. For the serving areas in the hallway, Landrum said signs will be replaced and the areas revamped. Tiles and lighting also will be updated.

Modern furniture will also be installed, Landrum said.

The remodel, however will not address the outside areas.

This project will take place during the summer months. Landrum assures it will not interfere with the summer feeding program.

Upgrade Costs

2001: $255,000

2017: $301,000