Commission to consider banning storage units

HARLINGEN — The city is targeting bulky, boxy storage units as eyesores standing in the way of city’s beautification program.

In February, city commissioners ordered a 90-day moratorium on any new storage units.

Tomorrow, commissioners are expected to consider an ordinance banning the storage units within the city limits.

In some cases, the city might recommend storage units be replaced by structures such as storage sheds.

Under the proposed ordinance, construction sites would be allowed one storage unit.

The new ordinance would require storage units to be hidden from sight.

In some cases, complaints led officials to take action against storage units, Serna said.

Recently, many Stripes convenience stores placed storage units nearby.

Davila said he has worked with Stripes to clear out storage units.

“They were in favor of whatever the city wants to do to be compliant,” he said.