Solar lights being installed at Heavin Trail

New solar lights are being installed along a portion of Heavin Park in San Benito.

Seven low impact, eco-friendly lights are being added on the south side of the trail closest to the amphitheater.

The particular style of solar lights were selected so as not to bother the wildlife in the area at night.

The project costs $20,550 and was paid for with funding from the city’s Community Development Block Grant program.

“These are federal fund that qualify for use at the trail which is located in a low to moderate income area,” according Parks & Recreation Director Art Garza. “We heard the citizens’ request for additional lighting and are able to provide some additional illumination in this area,” Garza said.

The city plans to add lit warning signs and paint the crosswalks with reflective paint along Robertson, Zaragoza and Resaca Shores.