Modern Lunch: High school will upgrades its cafeteria with splash of color

SAN BENITO — The designs for the San Benito High School cafeteria remodel call for a sleek and modern look while still representing that Greyhound pride.

Colors will consist of the standard gold and purple but will also be modernized with hints of black and grey.

The serving areas in the hallways will be given the same treatment.

It’s been about 17 years since San Benito High School’s cafeteria, which seats almost 500, has been remodeled.

So it’s time for an upgrade.

This time around, the remodel is expected to cost about $300,000. When it was last updated in 2001 it cost about $50,000 less.

Jana Landrum, director of the child nutrition program, talked about the future modernization last month.

Just recently, the last of the remodeling of the elementary schools’ cafeterias was finished. As per the cycle, according to Landrum, the high school is up again.

“Now, we’re starting the cycle over again,” Landrum said. “Principal Henry Sanchez has been asking for this for a couple of years.”

The current cafeteria design is simply outdated.

A committee has already approved a design.

When photos of the designs were posted to social media, they elicited a multitude of responses from locals and people around the Rio Grande Valley.

Some were positive. Herrera Margie said, “That is so awesome.”

Some comments were neutral and some were in opposition.

“It doesn’t need a facelift … it needs a new building that can hold all the children where they don’t have to sit in the hallways or outside during inclement weather on their lunch periods,” Stacey D. Hernandez stated.

The entire decor in the current cafeteria will change. What will remain is the stage area.

“It’s going to be a complete makeover,” Landrum said.

There will be an awards wall and graduation wall. For the serving areas in the hallway, Landrum said signs will be replaced and the areas revamped. Tiles and lighting also will be updated.

Modern furniture will also be installed, Landrum said.

The remodel, however, will not address the outside areas.

Readers’ Comments

Basilio Garcia – Very good, about time, looks like an auditorium not a cafeteria.

Diana Ziegler Cole – Sure it needs it…sure doesn’t look like a school cafeteria!

Leticia Pope – I’m glad it’s getting a face lift. It shows the capacity of 497. That means that many students will still have to sit outside during breakfast or lunch times and when any meetings or social events are set, still not enough seating. Spending too much money, but not solving a problem of seating that the school has had for over 20 years. Nice design though because it really needs it!

Lionel DjCarr Carrizales – It should be made bigger not just designed a different way. It’s just gonna be the same cafeteria just with a fresh coat of paint and new furniture.

Velma Garcia – So wonderful!

Julie Silva Vasquez – Finally a facelift but needs to be expanded.

Rene Farias Looks – Great only thing is gotta make sure they don’t run out of food at times all kids gotta eat.

Elida N Rick – Hope it provides more room and seats for students so they don’t have to eat in the hallway!

Isaiah Twentysix’Three – Instead of focusing on what the cafeteria looks like, schools should care about what the cafeteria serves!

Clarice Marie Chamberlain – It needs to be expanded, its not even close enough in size.

Teresa M Hernandez – This school doesn’t need a remodel, they need another high school in this city!

Cynthia Zapata – They need to expand it, make more room not remodel it.

John Muniz – Make it bigger more seats. Wasting money on a paint job ha!

Kathryn Koite – THAT costs $300,000?

Nora Valdez – That’s Great!! The gym needs some TLC as well!

Jennifer Lee Yzaguirre – Looks very crowded. Seems like no space for sitting.

Caroline Gaona – Y’all should focus on adding more seating space!

Aurora Zavala Moreno – Better than what we had 25 yrs ago