Texas rolls out new report cards for students

HARLINGEN — It’s a brand new report card, and the education commissioner wants to explain it to you.

Mike Morath, commissioner of education for the Texas Education Agency, is in the Valley this week, showing parents and educators how children’s performances in school are being evaluated.

TEA Information Specialist Lauren Callahan said Morath is visiting communities throughout the state this month to introduce the new STAAR (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) Report Card.

Parents receive this card from school districts to stay updated about their child’s progress.

However, this year parents will see a major redesign.

“The new STAAR Report Cards are quite different from what parents have received in the past,” Callahan said.

“They will offer additional information regarding their son’s or daughter’s performance. They will have accurate information on how each student is progressing and offer parent resources to help their student prepare for the coming school year.”

Parents can now access the system at www.texasassessment.com