Sister Business: Kayla Rodriguez and Kassandra Mendoza

MERCEDES — A pair of sisters with modeling and beauty pageantry on their resume has gone all in and are honing in their skills to offer modeling training and pageantry services at their new business, Beauty Pageantry & More, based in Mercedes.

They have scheduled their first production for July.

Winners will receive a crown, gift cards, trophies and awards for fashion and best modeling.

Q&A with Kayla and Kassandra

How exciting is it to have your own production company in Mercedes?

Kassandra: It’s different because you don’t have this here. I’ve done pageants and my niece has and now girls have somewhere they can seek coaching and participate in pageants. We are the nearest modeling school in town. The closest school is in Harlingen.

What gave you the idea to start the business?

Kassandra: I have been involved in pageants since I was 14 and I got my niece involved since she was a newborn.

As soon as you win titles, you want to keep it going. And we want to teach others.

How do you feel about the community reaction to your business?

Kayla: We have received a lot of comments on our Facebook page asking for more information. Pageantry is new to a lot of people and not everybody knows we are here.

What can people look forward to in your upcoming pageant events?

Kayla: The pageants consist of an interview with judges; they do modeling with fashion wear, formal wear and with their gown.